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Anchovies in salt

They are fished, processed and packaged in waters off the Ligurian coast, which covers the territory of the municipalities in the region of Liguria on the Tyrrhenian coast delimited by the watershed line.
Production methods: After being caught, anchovies must be placed in traditional wooden crates, containing approximately 10 kg of product. Processing must begin within 12 hours of the catch.A pre-salting phase is allowed for no more than 24 hours for an optimal removal of excess blood from the meat. The fish must be cleaned manually, removing the head. Once cleaned, anchovies must be placed side by side in a circle in chestnut wood barrels or terracotta pots for the time needed for maturation. Each layer of anchovies must be covered with medium-size cooking sea salt; the last layer must be covered with a sheet of material suitable for food use and of an appropriate thickness for the entire maturation period, onto which about 0,04 kg/cm2 of pressure is applied. Metal weights are not allowed.


Basil, 2 bunches
Pine nuts, a handful
Garlic, 1 clove
Salt, 1 teaspoonful
Parmesan cheese, 50 gr.
Extra-virgin olive oil, 3 tablespoons
Butter, a teaspoon


Remove the leaves of the basil from the twigs and wash them in cold water. Crush the pine nuts, garlic and salt in a mortar then add the oil until you have the density you prefer. Lastly add the grated Parmesan cheese and mix well.
Before seasoning the pasta, put a knob of butter on the plate followed by the Pesto sauce and let it warm on the pot where.