The climate is mild, the summer is long and warm. Afternoons are mitigated by the sea breeze of mistral, the winter almost always introduces a mild climate and ventilated, among the sea winds there are: from east/south, Scirocco; from west/south Libeccio, violent and almost cold, but of brief duration. The Grecale wind falls violent and cold and takes back more power in the brief valleys.Usuallly the average winter is around 12-14 degrees. The spring is usually moderate and introduce temperature until 25 centigrades. Autumms according the years can be beautiful or enough rainy.

Best Time to Visit Cinque Terre

Summers are hot and the trails are crowded with tourists. While there are frequent rain storms in spring and fall, the views and the relaxed nature of hiking make a better experience. That said, heavy rains can wipe out sections of trail, a common occurrence these days.. Day trippers should make sure they know the weather in advance. I've had perfect hiking weather in November, while the olives were just being readied for the harvest, and the day was beautiful. That said, September in the Fall would be my pick for the best time to go, followed by April or May. If you are taking a day trip coming from the south, you'll change trains in La Spezia. Be sure to check the current weather below; the disadvantage to a Cinque Terre trip in the off season is the possibility of rain, which makes the trails a bit slippery.

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