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The Specialties

Olive Oil

It's one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean kitchen. Olives have been cultivated for centuries on the steep slopes of the Cinque Terre hills. Every tree produces yearly some 10 kg of olives which is good for 2 liter of olive oil. For the production of olive oil, no chemicals are used, the oil being the result of simply pressing the olives. Some olive trees have been there for hundreds of years. No wonder that olive oil is considered since the classic times as a symbol of health.


It'is a flat bread, that is baked on hot stones. It is comparable to a pizza but a bit thicker. It is often spiced up with garlic or other species. With cheese and ham, it is the ideal content of a picknick basket to be used on one of your walks throught the Cinque Terre hills.


It's a typical Ligurian dish. It is a kind of pancake, made from chickpea flour, mixed with water, salt and olive oil and baked in an oven at 400°C. Delicious with some pesto or a piece of Gorgonzola.